Learn About The Business Before Investing


If I’ll ask you do you want to start up your business?

Your answer might be “Yes”,

I’m pretty sure about it because that’s the reason you are reading this content.

Then my next question will be what stops you to start,

Maybe everyone has a different perspective,

But all may have one common issue i.e. investment,


That the reason out of 100%, 50% will not even start,

And remaining rest out of 50%, 80% will not learn about what is business?

That’s why only 10% of people get success,


I’ll tell you how you will learn about business,

What I’ve observed till now,

Business means learning.

People don’t know how to learn?

They keep doing a copy of each other

If one person starts a business, 

And others found that the business running properly,

They will try to open the same business.

Now comes the problem of investment

And people start to invest lacks of rupees without even consulting,

Let me tell you one thing,

What I observed,

In our country, people don’t value about consultants

Who has experience in the same field.

People invest lacks & lacks but don’t try to take advice from one who knows each & everything about it.

Then most of the cases business fails.

My simple question to those people,

From where you’ve learned to do business?

If you’re investing so much big amount in the business

Then from some source, you have learned about business also.

Let me give you an example,

If someone tries to jump in the water

My assumption will be like he/she knows how to swim.

Without learning swimming how can one jump in the water?

Maybe now you got my point,

Without learning, how one can do business.

Now important is how to learn?

Learning means observation,

You have to observe

By observation, you’ve to understand where you’ll use that observation.

Then implement that observation.

Does it need any type of investment?

The answer is “No”!

For starting any business you need to observe

Observe your society,

What challenges they are facing?

What problems they are even facing after getting half solution to there problems?

If you’ll observe that one problem,

And start working on it, first implement on yourself.

Don’t leave whatever you’re doing right now.

But start work on your observation from today,

It doesn’t need any investment.

If you’ll work on your observation 1-2 hours daily.

You’ll find great ideas & thoughts.

Starting is something important!

Don’t think about perfection, Start now!

Best of luck for your future.

And I’ve also published one more blog on starting a business with zero investment.

You can read it.

Now do me a favor

Share this

And tell me what you’re thinking in the comment section.


Umair Riaz

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