Are You in a Comfort Zone Or Not?

I’ve seen & observed.

There are two types of people in our surroundings

Motivated & Demotivated.

So, firstly let me ask you this question…

Have you ever felt that you’re demotivated to do work?

And you always face difficulty to do some work,

Due to that difficulty, sometimes you think

“No need to start”.

That demotivation inside you.

Stops you from taking risks.

People those who are demotivated & don’t want to take risk

They always preferred their comfort zone.

You know it, that people will not get any big opportunities in their life.

And in the future, these people have to pay by doing a job not their dream job.

There is a big difference between a job & a dream job.

We’ll discuss it in the future.

So, what kind of person are you?

Motivated or demotivated?

Some may answer motivated & some may answer demotivated.

But let me explain the truth,

You’re in between

Either you’re not motivated & not demotivated.

You’re somewhere between these two.

Let me tell you why?

Sometimes when you get completed some tasks you’ll feel motivated.

And you know if you’ll work hard in those skills you can do much better in the future.

But when sometimes it doesn’t work.

You feel demotivated.


Let’s suppose you’ve done a great job.

You’ll compare yourself with your friend.

You’ll be motivated.

And when you’ll see people a bit better then you start feeling jealous.

Didn’t you?

This is the truth & no one can deny.

Because it’s human nature.

But when we have a positive mindset.

We can understand that there are two types of people.

  • Unsuccessful
  • Bit Better than you (Successful)

So, it depends open you with whom you wanted to be.

I always prefer to be in a group of people who’s better than me in my field.

I always feel motivated by them.

If someone is doing better than me then it’s an opportunity for me to learn from them.

That learning habit will bring you up to success.

And you’ll automatically come out of your comfort zone.

For that, you’ve to make yourself surrounded by those successful people who’ll motivate you.

When people start to follow successful people & work hard to achieve their future dreams.

They’ve started to grow their career.

Now revert me on this mail about yourself.

What do you think about this?

You’re motivated or not?

If not let me know, I’ll surely help you out.


Umair Riaz

2 thoughts on “Are You in a Comfort Zone Or Not?”

    1. Thanks, Kahkashan Perveen for reading this post.
      And I wish you’ll have a great future ahead.
      Keep reading & keep learning will give you success.
      Umair Riaz

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