My First Webinar Experience On Digital Marketing

Webinar On How Start With Digital Marketing

I just had a live interaction with students who want to learn digital marketing skills.

The experience was quite good.

Students are so excited to learn new skills.

Okay! Let me clear something,

I’m actually not a teacher.

And seriously, I don’t have any experience in teaching line.

But from the past some months,

I’ve got a lot of messages on Instagram, LinkedIn, etc.

From students & they want to learn digital marketing.

They’re asking for training & internships in my company.

Then I decided to give a webinar on digital marketing.

And the topic of the webinar is quite different.

I.e. How to starts with Digital Marketing?

Because I believe that many students make mistake while choosing their careers.

And they don’t know their vision to learn whatever they’re doing.

Even I’ve seen many students,

Pursuing digital marketing courses in my friend’s Institute at Gurgaon.

When I put the question to them why you’ve chosen this course?

And the reply what I got, was not aspected. 

They reply to me,

Because sir we want to become digital marketers. 

Maybe you’re thinking, they’re right?

But let me tell you one thing,

Digital marketing in itself, it’s a vast skill,

Having many different major & minor modules.

And if you don’t know about your quality & interest.

You can’t succeed in this field.

Supposed if you know how to write well,

Then you’ll have to choose your field as a content writer.

If you’ve good designing skills then you’ve got an option for social media management.

Totally depends open you.

But what I actually see,

Students choose their careers on the basis of their surroundings.

If his/her friends going into the SEO field,

Then he/she will also decide to go in that field.

Even if they don’t have little knowledge about that.

I know it’s human nature.

But in this field,

if you’ll choose your career like this maybe you can not get your dream life or job.

This is the reason, why many digital marketers not getting their desire jobs.

And I decided, to share my experience with students.

There are a total of about 112 registrations for that free webinar.

What one new thing I got experienced from this webinar?

I.e many of the students are not active on mails.

My team trying to get in touch with students by mails.

But as such, they’re not so active on mails.

Remember, if you’re not active on mails then one day you can lose big opportunities also.

Then I decided to connect with them on WhatsApp.

So that they can join a webinar easily.

And the same happened.

With help of WhatsApp,

They get connected with me in a webinar.

And I’ve discussed all the points,

Try to give values to my student as much as I can.

Because they’ve taken out their precious time from the busy life schedule.

The main topic was the concept of learning digital marketing.

I tell them the truth,

The reality before choosing their careers.

I was not expecting good or bad.

I was just trying to give values & sharing my experience.

And I don’t have any expectations.

But the reviews I got from students.

Seriously, i.e. more worthful from anything.

That happiness on the face of students they tell me about in the review.

I got motivated.

Again the reason is simple I started to do something,

Even I was not perfect.

But the love & respect given by my students encourages me a lot.

Thank you guys once again.

Many students from different locations,

Patna, Jaipur, Indore, Aligarh, Meerut, etc 

What I think, they’re action takers.

Not only thinkers.

It was such a nice experience to connect with them.

To teach them.

Yes! I’m not a teacher,

But when someone gets benefited from your knowledge & experience,

You’ll also feel good.

So, if you’ve any experience & learning,

Please try to share it with others.

Best of luck.

We’ll meet at the next webinar soon.

If you want to register for a webinar.

Click Here


Umair Riaz

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