Have You Ever Failed In Your Life?

Failure only comes to the people who are trying to DO SOMETHING.

Have you ever failed?

If you’re reading this content that means somewhere you already got failure in your life.

It may be a failure in business, life, relationships, career, money.

What do you think?

All successful people do not have failures in there life,

Or they always stay happy in their life?

The answer is “NO”.

All are having problems in their life, 

But the only difference is some people can’t come out from failure.

And successful people know how to deal with that failure.

Because they’ve already learned a lot from their failure.

That’s the reason they’re successful.

Sometimes we feel jealous when we see more successful people than ourselves.

But we can’t see their efforts & hard work they’ve done more than us.

I’ll tell you the actual reason behind it.

We all are afraid of failure.

Because it hurts & we feel not good.

But always remember failure make us feel bad.

But it also makes us strong to grow.

To be honest.

I also have many failures in my life.

I’ve also struggle a lot when I was not getting admission to the central university.

Even my one year was wasted.

But didn’t lose hope.

I’ve started again & finally got admission in Jamia Millia Islamia.

That’s the turning point for my life.

From there I realized that before success if you’re facing failure then you’re doing efforts in the right direction.

And failure is part of the journey to success.

Then my startup EXAM SAUCE was failed.

Actually, I got an idea for students & coachings idea was quite good.

I got investors at that time, 

But the biggest mistake I’ve made that I make it more complex.

And it becomes so complicated that till now I wasn’t able to start it.

Then I decided to help other businesses to grow.

From where I got started my digital media agency.

And it is running successfully.


But I’m not saying that I got all the success.

Right now, also I’ve to learn a lot & taking my company to a high destination.

Actually, if we want to achieve something big in our life,

Then we are not supposed to say that “Okay I’m Failed”.

Now, I’ll not do anything further.

Trust me!

This is not the way that leads you to success,

If you’re failed then you’ve to put yourself in harder to get out of it.

You’ll have to motivate yourself.

And don’t try to take more advice from others.

You know what you’re capable of & what you can do?

Only one person that can help you out is “YOU”.

Actually, what you’ve to do?

You’ll have to keep the consistency of your efforts.

And wait for the right time to come.

Time plays a very important role.

With time, growth will come,

With growth, you’ll get more confidence in yourself.

Getting confidence will help you to face failure.

Try to keep this point in your mind,

If you’ll try to do more things you’ll not get more success.

Actually, in some parts, you’ll get success but somewhere you’ll also face failure.

So try to do new things.

Time come when you got to click on the right,

That can change your life.

So that why taking initiative is very important.

If you’re thinking that I’ll start but let’s waits for the right time.

Then trust me, that right time will never come to you.

If you’re in the field of digital marketing then maybe you’re thinking that I’ll start writing someday, I’ll start blogging, someday I’ll start my business, & only someday.

I’m telling you this is like an example of a traffic signal.

I’ll only start my car if all signals will be green.

Either I’ll not even start.

Is this the right way?

Then what’s the right way?

The right way is to start a car and wait for one signal to be green.

Then proceed to further and wait for other light to be green,

Then only you can arrive at the destination.

Similarly, that road is the path to success.

Maybe you’ll get some traffic on that road, some may are staring you, some may horn you.

But what you’ve to do ignore all that nonsense & keep focusing on your road.

The secret to success is being great.

Greatness comes when you start learning & observing.

So take some initiative & start doing something from today.

Not tomorrow, not next week, not next month 


So what you’re starting today?

 Let me know in the comment section.

 Best Of Luck!


Umair Riaz

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