Your Future With Digital Marketing

Not only you!

Everyone is worried about their future.

And when you think about digital marketing as your future.

Maybe you will have many questions in your mind?

It is possible to survive with only digital marketing skills?

If possible?

Then which module of digital marketing I’ll prefer that will help in the future?

Maybe you’re thinking about AI will take all opportunities in the coming time?

If I’ll start writing then who will read my blogs?

How will I survive by writing only blogs?

I know! 

So many questions you have.

But the answer is “Yes” you can do wonders with digital marketing skills.

But for that, you need to start from somewhere.

I’ll tell you, how?

Because choosing digital marketing for your future is logical.

But finding a job & career as a fresher is challenging.

Starting your future with digital marketing then you need to first learn.

See there is a huge difference between learning & doing work practically.

I’ve many times seen that many people start their careers in digital marketing by joining some internships or free practice work.

Until you’ll not learn you’ll not be able to make the right decisions. 

After learning skills then you’ve to start your internships or implementation of skills.

Highly recommended, that you should start from a Blog.

Write a blog, and start doing SEO of it.

Now at least you’ve your blog ready with you.

And if you’ve done SEO that is more good.

Now if you’re finding challenges while writing.

Don’t worry about that!

It is not compulsory that you should know English to write something.

It’s only a language.

And for writing there is a need for imagination power.

Now, if you’re thinking about whether you have got that power or not?

So let me answer this question,

Yes, you’ve got this power.

Okay! I’ll prove it also.

That you’re a pro player will make imaginations.

Remember your school times what you’ve done?

When you forget your books, copy or homework at your home,

Such a nice explanatory truth you tell to your teacher.

Ohh, let me correct! 

Explanatory lie!

And when the teacher starts cross-questioning then another big imaginary lie.

I’ve done and I know many of us have done this.

And for writing only these skills are required,

That’s it.

So, you can write and become a master of SEO.

You’ve also heard about content is the king of marketing.

Now you’ve learned and implemented till now.

At this stage of time, you’re eligible for getting a job.

Ah, let me correct, a good job.

Now, this period of most markets makes a silly mistake.

They start feeling relaxed.

No, this is the time from where your career started.

You’ll have to give more effort to learn new things.

And implementing them.

After having experience of implementation you can give advice to others also.

In simple terms, you’re in the place of a consultant.

People will ask you about it.

After consulting, observe your consultation.

That will give you more confidence in yourself.

Now, when you’ll complete this stage.

Next, depending on your choice.

If you’re consulting people in the right way,

They start trusting you.

Now, you can also become a mentor.

To whom people trust.

You can also be a digital mentor.

After getting so much experience in one field you can also start your agency for providing services to your client.

It all depends upon you from where you want to start.

But try to start with learning.

You’ll get more success in your life.

If you’ve got these skills then you’re individually enough to handle all situations,’

But all this needs time & patience.

And experience plays an important role in this field.

Become a player, not an audience,

Try to give content to your audience with your success & failure stories.

Start doing not from tomorrow, 

Not from next week,

Not from next month,

Start Today!

Take one step ahead to make your career successful.

Not only this field, if you’re something else.

Try to find enjoyment with your work & love it as much you can.

Then only you can succeed.

Don’t worry about failure, 

It’s the part of success, no one can succeed without failure.

Whatever you’re doing,

“You can do it”.

But try to find your interest in that particular field.

And if you’re not getting it,

So, don’t waste your time.

Try something different, there is not only one thing to do.

But try to do that one thing in which you’re interested.

Then you’ll see the growth & success in your path.

Don’t force yourself to do something while seeing others.

You’ve to keep yourself different from the queue.

And skills of digital marketing can differ you from many others.

Many are struggling in this field due to a lack of knowledge & experience.

Because now everyone knows that we can learn from youtube.

Yes of course you can learn.

But you still need one mentor to guide you,

Who’ve practical knowledge in this field?

And starting is something that plays an important role in this field.

If you’ll start at your youngest age,

Then trust me,

No one can become your competitor.

I got this compliment from my clients & many business owners.

I started to work when I was only 18 years in this field of digital marketing.

Many projects I’ve, due to this earlier age of starting my work.

So don’t worry about your age, time, or other things.

Just start from today.

Best Of Luck!

Umair Riaz

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