Umair Riaz

Umair from Catnyx Digital Scholar, Welcome to our community for learning digital marketing and glad that you visit my profile. I write blogs on digital marketing & helping people to become a digital marketer.

Planning For Success?

Do you want to be successful? I’m pretty sure, Your answer is “Yes” But what comes to our mind before success? I.e failure. That stops us from taking action.  When we take action, we try to do some work. Doing work may have two impacts. Successful & Unsuccessful. These both are part of the journey. …

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Golden Rule Of Digital Marketing

Maybe many of you’re thinking, That I’ll tell you about some pillars of digital marketing, I.e content, communication, community, etc. Well, No! What I’ll tell you about what I’ve experienced in this field of digital marketing. Since I’ve done a lot of work my clients & startups. I’ll share what I feel with working them …

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How I got Motivated?

As I’ve mentioned in my first webinar experience blog, That I’m not a teacher. But after adding value to someone’s life. That gives real happiness. The same happened to me.  As of right now, I’m running my Digital Media Agency successfully. As many students are messaging me & asking me to teach them. And what …

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