How I got Motivated?

As I’ve mentioned in my first webinar experience blog,

That I’m not a teacher.

But after adding value to someone’s life.

That gives real happiness.

The same happened to me. 

As of right now,

I’m running my Digital Media Agency successfully.

As many students are messaging me & asking me to teach them.

And what I’ve noticed?

When you’ve some practical knowledge, 

One who respects those skills. 

And knows the actual worth of that skills.

Always respect you.

Trust me, 

You’ll get real respect from heart.

As when I decided to give values to my student,

And teach them how I learned it practically.

I believe?

What I’ve learned,

I’ll deliver it to others also.

After attending my webinar analytics graph going increasing like this.

That’s started to give me such support & people starting to read my blogs.

Because I respect them & Care.

That everyone doesn’t do.

I know if someone is reading my content,

I’ll have to provide much value in that much period of time.

There is the importance of the time of my audience. 

That’s why in return they respect & care for me also.

Trust me!

If you’re a student, businessman, professionals, or doing a job.

You still need proper skills or increasing it day by day.

Because there is a need for skills.

And for that, you’ve to keep your learning on consistency.

And to be honest there is no value for skills in our society.

What do they believe?


As of right now, many are struggling for it.

And also many after having it.

Then we say we’ve job issues in our societies.

There is still a need for the right skills.

Many businesses spending money but they’re not getting any results.

They’re frustrated with poor skills peoples.

They‘re still finding someone who’ve proper skills.

And what we got in degrees?

Syllabus i.e. fully outdated.

Skills i.e. no requirement in the market.

Then how you can believe that you’ll get a job easily.

For getting it you’ve to work on your skills now.

If don’t know where you’ve to start?

What you’ll do?

Don’t worry!

Register yourself for my free webinar.

And If you’re wondering about the quality of the webinar.

So you can check my reviews of students attended my webinar.

See you at the webinar.


Umair Riaz

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