Lesson 2- Various Modules Of Digital Marketing



Because If you’ve watched lesson 1 you took the right decision towards building your career in digital marketing.

It also shows that you are an action taker & want to increase your skills.

I hope you got all the answers to the question you have regarding digital marketing.

If not, mail me at umair@catnyx.com, I’ll surely reply to you with some great solutions.

Now, its time for the second lesson, that’ll teach you about various modules of digital marketing.

Now, its time for the digital world, and you have already heard about words like SEO, Ads, Analytics, Email Marketing, etc…

This lesson will give you a brief knowledge about all the major modules of digital marketing.

In the coming lectures, you’ll learn these modules in detail also.

But, before that learn various modules of digital marketing.

And I think that none of us know what will be happening in the coming time.

But I’m pretty sure about one thing i.e. the demand for online marketing will going to increase.

Watch the lesson 2- Various modules of digital marketing.

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Umair Riaz

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