Shaping The New Age Education At Catnyx Digital Scholar

We are excited to announce our 3 months offline Digital Marketing Program for students, professionals, & and entrepreneurs starting on 16th Jan 2021.

Basically, this program is designed in a format that will transform you into a successful digitalpreneur.

Now let me tell you how?

Before that, I’ve some questions for you?

What you’re doing? 

Why you’re worried about jobs after getting a degree also?

The reason is simple!

We are following up on the same pattern that worked in the ’90s i.e. getting a govt job just after a degree but we’ve to understand the changes we’re in our 20s where all the things are changed only passing papers will not give you your dream job.

That you know better than me!

After getting a degree and if you’re earning peanuts only then what is the use of that degree?

People earning more have Tea Shops in our city Aligarh.

Actually, the problem is our education system doesn’t give us the liberty to work on case studies.

World top class Harvard University mostly student work on practical approaches & case studies.

The reason behind their success!

They adapt to changes but we didn’t!

You’ve also noticed that when there is any case study that comes by chance then what our teachers told us that it is not important for an exam?

Then what our mindset says the topics or material i.e important for an exam is only worthful. And our exam for checking our memorization, not intelligence.

Isn’t it?

We have a mobile phone in our pocket for memorization in our 20s with memory in GB’s. I’ve listened to many students who always complain about jobs  “There are no jobs?”

Now let me explain there is no shortage of jobs in the market you can check various job portals. Instead, there is a lack of knowledge.

Companies right now are also waiting for the right candidates. But our students don’t have an idea about what is going on in the real world & how to deal with problems.

So to make a little bit of change from our side to change this system.

Our team of CATnyx Digital Scholar decided to give practical knowledge to our candidates and let them know what works in the market.

What companies want from their employees from the first day. Not only job one can earn much better without a job also.

We at CATnyx Digital Scholar all have taken this pledge we give our best to make our candidates an opportunity to give jobs to others.

What you can expect from this 12 weeks program.

The first thing that we give on the table is group assignments & case studies every week that will have some evaluation points.

Reason for giving group assignments & case studies because when you’ll work in any company you’ll work as a team, not as an individual.

On the basis of points, we’ll evaluate your performance & award your certification. The second factor is Live Projects

We’ll give you full liberty you’ll handle client’s projects with some budget in your pocket & strategies, under the guidance of experts.

And that’s not it, out of the fees 4,000 rupees is spent back on you to get your own domain, hosting, and ad budgets so that you learn by the practice during your LIVE Projects and assignments!!

The third factor is Client Pitching 

You’ll be able to get your first client after getting secrets about how to pitch new clients, how to close deals, how to set a budget for services as an individual or agency.

The fourth factor is Mock Interviews

You’ll get to know what actually happens in the interviews in companies what types of questions  Hr’s ask in the interviews.

You’ll get a clear idea about this when you’ll face it with professionals Hr’s.

After all this transformation then you’ll become a digitalpreneur,

That makes you an opportunity in yourself.

You can start work as a freelancer.

You can get a job.

Or you can start your own agency.

We believe to choose dedicated people who actually need these skills & they were serious about learning Digital Marketing.

For getting in you need to follow a simple process:

Register & get in touch with our CDS Counselors

Counselors will fix the date for verification details, Demo Class &  Scholarship test.

After approval, you’ll get your batch details on your registered mobile number & mail address.

We’ve already given internships to many students & they’re doing great, now it’s time for you to don’t wait, be an action taker, not only a thinker.

Enroll Now!

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