Success Story With Al-Baik Restaurant


I just want to share this story with you,

Because It’s not just a story it’s a reality.

Sometime before when COVID-19 is on the peek,

Starting a new business at that time needs great efforts to run.

As all the businesses were shutting down day by day. 

People losing their job at that time.

At that time I got a call from Al-Baik Franchise Owner i.e. Mr. Hashim

And he invited me to his restaurant.

The restaurant is in the outer area, 

The reason I got surprised.

The first question I asked him who will come here to eat?

Then he told me all the concepts behind an opening in the outer.

The main concept that I concluded,

There are already many restaurants in the inner area of Aligarh.

Named with AL-Baik.

But he doesn’t want to follow the same queue.

What he wants is that when any one of the customers come to their restaurant feels different with fresh air & feels relaxed.

And Yes of course! When I was sitting with him in a restaurant,

I also felt good & relaxed.

The concept was quite good.

I asked him the main reason why he had called me?

Then he told me, someone from his friend circle recommended my digital marketing agency for good results-oriented work i.e CATnyx Digital Media.

And also told me that, doesn’t have faith in online work.

But his friend convinced him not to invest too much in offline marketing.

By trusting his friend he called me and asked me for help to grow his business online.

He wants online orders from his customer directly on his mobile number.

He doesn’t know about anything about online marketing, 

Then I’ve suggested to him about social media management for building a brand, social media marketing for orders & Google my business setup.

I’ve not suggested any website development because at that time it is of no use when no one knows him then who will come to the website.

This is the point where my trust is generated with my client.

Because he told me that before me he had also talked with other local marketers & freelancers and they all suggested him with Website, SEO, Send Whatsapp messages in bulk, sending bulk emails, Google ads & other services.

And he got fully confused!

But I’ve only recommended the services that he actually needs.

Because having working experience with the growth of many restaurant businesses like AL-Habib, Barfiz, London Bakes, Lachef & many more.

I know what will be the right strategy for growing business.

So, the deal was going in the final stage & he asked me about my charges.

And I replied, “Don’t worry about my charges, you’ll easily give my amount when you’ll get business”.

The main reason I said this is because I’ve confidence in my skills & experience.

Right now people are busy about taking out money from the market, while I’m trying to give value to the market that differentiates me & my team members from others.

See the main problem is not about whether you’ll not get money from your client if you’ve confidence in your work then you should not worry about that.

And from the next day, our team started work on social media management.

Professional designers & Social media managers work together under my guidance.

Started work to build a brand.

After one month with full dedication to serve our client with better social media management give many good results as expected.

These are the result of social media management.

But when I’ve started campaigning, 

I started to face two problems 

I.e. The first problem was the client getting more orders from the outer area away from his restaurant & some orders from the target location.

Targeted Location

Orders Receiving From Outer

I was also a little bit confused at that time.

I started to get research on it & talk with my marketer circle about it.

They give me a reason that right now they are also not running campaigns as Facebook is getting an update.

But what? Client needs results?

I’ve also explained to my client to stop campaigning. He also agrees.

Then finally, after one week, I again started running campaigns with new strategies. Let me tell you one thing when you’ll try to give serious efforts in any work

Then surely, you’ll get results. And the same happened. Campaign works so well & run in that manner i.e. optimized.

The results are now in front of you! Client starts getting orders in a good amount.

He also starts receiving testimonials from their customers.

Now, Al-Baik business going smooth, 

Click here to see a video that gives many orders. 

And our team is working on giving more higher value.

Everyone in this world gives you experience that may be good or bad it depends.

I always like new challenges that simply means we’re growing.

That gives me the power to work.

I felt our services can help any business to grow digitally,

Because we care.

When you care for something, 

people stats noticing you.

I don’t have any investors to run my business, I don’t have any secrets & also don’t have any big relations incorporated.

That’s the reason I’ve no pressure.

Whatever I do & whatever my team does- it’s only to give value to our clients.

And my competitors always worry about how I’m doing?

So the answer is “CARE”.

That’s how I compete.

And if you are facing any issue in your business growth comment below.

I’ll surely try to help you out if I can.


Umair Riaz

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