Lesson 2- Various Modules Of Digital Marketing



Because If you’ve watched lesson 1 you took the right decision towards building your career in digital marketing.

It also shows that you are an action taker & want to increase your skills.

I hope you got all the answers to the question you have regarding digital marketing.

If not, mail me at umair@catnyx.com, I’ll surely reply to you with some great solutions.

Now, its time for the second lesson, that’ll teach you about various modules of digital marketing.

Now, its time for the digital world, and you have already heard about words like SEO, Ads, Analytics, Email Marketing, etc…

This lesson will give you a brief knowledge about all the major modules of digital marketing.

In the coming lectures, you’ll learn these modules in detail also.

But, before that learn various modules of digital marketing.

And I think that none of us know what will be happening in the coming time.

But I’m pretty sure about one thing i.e. the demand for online marketing will going to increase.

Watch the lesson 2- Various modules of digital marketing.

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Umair Riaz


Digital Marketing Course In Hindi

How to start?


Yes! Of course, this is a very tuff & confusing decision to take when you are starting something new.


There is always a fear of failure,

That’s why 90% percent of people reading this content wants to start something that can change their life.

But, 50% of them even not try to get started.

And remaining who start’s

But not get the right path or mentor to guide.

That’s the reason why only the remaining 10% of people get success.

If you really want to get something big in your life or your dream job?

So, You have to start.

And If I’ll talk about getting started with digital marketing.

Two big questions that come into the mind of anyone who wants to learn these skills

The first one is, 

How to learn digital marketing correctly?

How to get a dream job with these skills?

Before giving answers to the above question I’ll tell you what I’ve seen,

How people try to learn these skills.

Most people start their digital marketing career by working for someone else.

But, According to me, working & learning are two different things

And when you start something you need learning,

Learning is the key point that’ll take you to success.

If you don’t know how to learn you can’t learn correctly.

And if you don’t learn correctly you’ll not able to get your dream job.

So, what is the right way to learn?

Listening & Observing.

People don’t know how to listen,

When you’re silent you’re listening,

When you’re listening you can take action by understanding

Without listening if you speak it can be a waste.

So I decided, 

What I learned from my clients, mentors &  my experience convert it into an easy approach and create a series of lectures in Hindi for learning digital marketing helping you learn knowledge of digital marketing.

Anyone can learn it, 

No technical background needed,

But, for all things to get happen to need to start.

I know you are having lots of question in your mind

What is digital marketing?

What is the opportunity with digital marketing?

Who can learn it?

I don’t have a technical background, Can I learn digital marketing?

How to learn digital marketing?

Don’t worry.

I’ll be answering them all in the first video lesson.