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CATnyx Digital Scholar started in Aligarh U.P. as India’s First Premium Practical Approach Based Digital Marketing Club as an extension of CATnyx Digital Media that comes under the CATnyx India Private Limited. The extending of CDS came when a lot of students after seeing lockdown situations and all the business goes down and there is only one skills that comes on booming i.e. digital skills, many of them have done successful internship in the period of Covid-19 in our agency CATnyx Digital Media and got paid after working to clients.

We are focusing on giving quality assistance to our students from the lockdown period through webinars and helping many students to enhance their knowledge in this field. We believed that even failure one can also do much better in this field due to having a lot of opportunities. We are taking care of social distancing hence, we have only 15 seats in a batch with a curriculum that meets with the global standard of digital marketing professionals. If you have that will power to do something great in future then CATnyx Digital Scholar is the place for you only.

Our Vision

Making a tribe of professional digital marketers, so that they can serve our country with opportunities of jobs for other people & also help them

Our Mission

Making you an opportunity.


Before learning about digital marketing, I was in the field of web development. I am an unexpected digital marketer. As an engineering student in the field of computer science, everyone wants to become a coder or programmer that other million engineers do.

And the truth is, I also started to follow the same queue. I was busy getting myself to give more & more time for coding and it was like generating interest forcefully. But I was trying & trying…

I want to tell you that if you are under good guidance you can even succeed if are not good at that particular skills but only if you are trying.

The same happened to me as my mentors are too supportive & one day one of my mentors asked to develop a website for a government institute i.e. IIIT Sonepat. And I don’t want to leave this opportunity and there was not only me, but all others are also getting excited, and those others are too good in the field of web development. But I didn’t leave hope, I started more work on the website while others not getting it too serious but I took it more seriously and submitted the first draft. Not only me, but the other five students also submitted. They all have submitted basic designs but I’ve researched all the things carefully and also redesigned the logo of IIIT Sonepat.

I’ve put some extra efforts to show my creativity. The reason my draft was selected at that time (right now also they are using my designed logo). I got motivated.

Then I realized that, If I can design a website for a government institute then why should let me try for some private projects. I started getting some local projects & stated work on them with my college friends. People are getting interact with my work quality & appreciated it.

Till now, I’ve not an idea of digital marketing. 

One day one of the my client, calls me and asked me 2 questions:

1 (2)

Umair Riaz , Founder

Self-taught digital marketer, blogger, course creator, entrepreneur & founder of Catnyx India Pvt. Ltd.

The first one is “I want my ads for the visitor to my website & If someone comes on my website he/she’ll start seeing my ads on there Instagram, Facebook, each &  every platform?”

The second one is “What will the charges?” 

I was like blank at that time, and I asked him to give me some time. After that call, I’ve called my friends and asked them what is this? 

And I was explaining like “ The ads same as amazon shows us” as all are coders busy in coding don’t have an idea what is in the market. So, I started my deep research on it and reading a lot of content, blogs, videos & implementation.

I started digital marketing for my website catnyx.com with SEO & Facebook campaigning.

My work started getting popular & then also started digital marketing work for my clients, people start appreciating my work.

Then I decided to pursue digital marketing as my career. And surprisingly also started getting work from the middle east companies like CPA LLC, QNA Marcom, Panirix, etc.

These companies outsource the work of digital marketing (leads generation) & landing pages of big companies like Macafee, Microsoft, HP, Dell Etc…Getting work & delivering it successfully to such big companies gives a great experience to me & my team members. That’s how I got opportunities to work with these hottest companies & run my digital marketing agency successfully.

As my assumption, a lot of people are interested to become a digital marketer because businesses taking digital marketers more seriously & the reason behind is their customers are spending more time on the internet before purchasing there products & services.

Then, why? Digital Marketers are struggling to find their jobs…

The reason is the wrong approach. Now it’s my responsibility as a digital marketer to make it correct. I want those who learn digital marketing from my programs can get a job as soon as possible. And this is the right time to become a digital marketer. As my experience always remembers people do not want those who learn digital marketing instead they want someone who can produce results. I know it sounds not good, but it’s true. But if you’ll take the right approach to learn & implement you can easily land on your dream job in the field of digital marketing.

Want to reach me mail me at umair@catnyx.com



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